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Casa 72 was built in 1972, hence the name “72”. It´s a family house with a modern design despite the year it was built. Year by year, Casa 72 has been adapted to the San Juan del sur environment, that’s why in 2011 the Barreto´s family renovated the house completely, for vacation rental purposes.

Nowadays Casa 72 remains as a modern beach house on a hill, seconds from surf, ocean views. Situated on a hill overlooking San Juan del sur bay town, in the Gold Coast of Nicaragua, is this four thousand square feet town-house with swimming pool.

Our home is ideal for:



Casa 72 was finished in 1972. Built and designed by the architect Sam Barreto.

This is how the house looked like before being remodeled.



Wood Construction San Juan Del Sur



remodeling the casa72 nicaragua

The whole house remodelation started, we used the original achrylic tinted windos and followed the geometric theme of the house, but with a totally new design.

casa72 wood nicaragua

All the wood is treated pine and for the remodeling we took every peace apart and put it back sealed and tightened with screws and addes…



remodeling casa7 -san juan del sur vacation

The new design while being installed. This process was one of the most challenging feature to be rebuild on the house.

Casa72 Before Construction

This part of the property was not being used.



Casa72 Views San Juan Del Sur

This is the before and after of casa 72. Book now! and experience San Juan del sur on the best house!